Can't play online!

Game says that my filters are too specific . How can this be solved .

I’m sure you have no problem reverting all filters to default (e.g. Any map) before adding back the filters to your own liking


on the bottom of the multiplayer screen there are buttons, those are filters, the game will try and search servers that correspond to all the filters.Here are some tips on how to get servers back again:
1-On the top left of the filters there is a text box, you use it to search for server name, make sure it is empty as this will make you able to search for any server without having to worry about their name.
2- make sure the map filter is set to any, as modded maps are rarely used, having a moded map set there will mean few server results.
3-make sure you don’t use too many filters at a time, you can filter the servers by difficulty for example or gameplay type but don’t put more than 4 or 5 filters at once! you might end up with no result.
Here you go hope i helped!

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