Can't seem to hear in certain areas of my map

There are places on my custom map (mainly cities/towns) that seem to have it’s audio bugged when myself and other players (single-player and on server) enter the area. The audio completely stops for: Zombies noises, hitting, walking/running etc. When flying a helicopter into the area, the helicopter noise seems to reset. By reset I mean the audio stops and it starts over. The only thing that I seem to hear most of the time are Gunshots (Since they have the highest priority). Funny thing is non of the objects meant to make noises. So I don’t really see this being an issue relating to that.

Just to give some visual aid, I circled the areas where this happens in red. This image won’t help at all, but gives an understanding of where the audio bugs out. And apologies to the terrible pixilation in this image, lol.

Perhaps upload the current version of your custom map to the Workshop, and making it available to people with a direct link to it. I imagine that it could be helpful to anyone who tries to assist you in troubleshooting your issue.

Problem has been solved. Turns out it was a custom item on one of the spawn tables that had a region around the item that would just bug the sound.


Get hearing aid old timer

Out of curiosity, what modded item was this? It may be helpful to other players using the same custom item, if it’s available publicly.

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