Can't shoot sometimes

Just like the title says,sometimes i can’t shoot when im trying to kill a player from a side or from behind. when i will shoot it doesnt do anything,giving the player enough time to kill me .i always check if i have ammo,and i have enough to kill but i cant just shoot,this is annoying,i’ve lost more than 20 kills because of this.Does somebody know anything about this? or im the only experiencing this?

This is incredibly vague.

What weapons are you using? Is your mouse working properly? What is your latency and FPS on this server?

The weapon i use the most is the maplestrike,but if im trying to be fast i use PDW or Calling card,i have this problem with the three,also happends with other automatic weapons.My mouse its Ok,im trying in diferent games and no problems.I play only on pandahut servers,but my latency changes,because i share internet with other two computers,one of those is almost inactive,and the other sometimes makes me get a 300 to 800 ms,but when those are with low use or off,i play from 100 to 180 ms.FPS,normally from 24 to 36 or 38,but when i cant shoot i have like 28 or more fps,fast enough,so idk why this happends.Hope this helps,Thanks

Dear GOD, that’s incredibly high ping.

Most people would consider under 100 ms to be good while under 200 would be tolerable. You’re far outside that range and your internet speed is absolute trash because you’re splitting it three ways. So basically, you have up to 8 times the lag of a normal player, and as a result your gameplay is probably horrifically messed up.

This is not the game’s fault, it’s a problem with your internet and network. Why do you even need to share internet with other computers anyways? Sounds like your family is hella active playing that Overwatch /s

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hehe,i know its very high but in those high ping moments i cant just play ,also i forgot to mention im in venezuela,country with one the worst internets of the world right now .but when i have less than 200 ms and i shoot from far its all ok,the problem is when i try to kill from short distances .About sharing the internet,is because the internet in here is very expensive and its hard to get a subscription,so there are 2 pc’s in my apartment,the almost inactive and the mine,and the third is from a neighbour,the one that makes me have horrible ping, we chose to pay the half each one,and both have internet,but im getting tired of this.The problem occurs when i shoot from close having good fps and ms

Why don’t you invest in some Ethernet cable for each of your PC’s? It can’t cost over 50 USD.

Didn’t read the upper message? im in venezuela getting,internet its not easy and there are no choices about internet plans and that.Here is something simple:Have a bad internet or have nothing,also each pc has its own cable,the internet its so bad that a good download rate doesn’t get to 200 kb/s with Ethernet cable,imagine that.

That sucks but there isn’t really anything wrong with the game, just your internet. Of course the netcode could be further improved but that won’t actually change much :pensive:

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Your internet is bad but I can’t even play with fps below 40… those two problems you’ve got are called pure lag. Try to change some graphics to off or low quality if you didn’t do that already.

FPS and latency are not the same thing.

Turning down his graphics will do nothing, since it’s the internet that’s the problem.