Capitalism & Branding in UII

Phantom Forces was getting boring so I decided to actually make a serious suggestion for once.

Imagine visiting Times Square only to see this:

Yeah, I don’t like it much either. But that’s exactly what’s happened in every previous Unturned version, and I’d like it improved on.

I believe each type of store should have its own independent branding. The names don’t even need to be that creative, they could just be parodies of real life stores, like GTA does it for example.

So next time I see a pizzeria in the distance, I better see “Papa Nelson’s” instead of just “Pizza”.

Store names could also vary by country/region, but of course that doesn’t exclude the possibility of worldwide store chains.

Other places where brands could appear would be vending machines, maybe? You decide.

  • More branding
  • Keep it this way

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Actually Big J just takes over every possible bussiness like a boss

EDIT#1 Another thing, maybe store colours could still be uniform, so you’d know a laundromat by it being blue, even if it had a different name, for example?

EDIT#2 Great complementary suggestion by Rio man @FlodotelitoKifo


This was what the original beta for 3.0 looked like. Businesses had community member’s names on them.


(Taken from the SDG Blog).

This later changed into community members getting their own billboards instead of businesses.


Yes, but that’s an exception. You don’t see any branding in any other store, if memory doesn’t fail me.

With the plus that the billboard ads don’t have physical stores in-game, which is a missed opportunity imo. [please don’t elaborate on this, it’s kinda offtopic]

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I think this could work well if Nelson implements the same system from road signs (as seen on an earlier devblog), AKA type in the name when adding it to the map. Would be a lot easier for him and map creators, and would probably open doors for more creativity.

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I feel like Nelson should focus a lot more on world building in the sequel. Like not so much that it overshadows the actual gameplay, obviously, but more than what he did with 3.0. Scorpion-7 and Big J are pretty much the only companies that ever appear in official maps, the lore could be a little more fleshed out and with less loose ends overall, and maybe NPCs could be a little deeper in character as well.

I feel like this was mostly due to him deciding on implementing these elements pretty late in development, so if maybe he has a little bit of an idea in mind at least when starting work on II we could get something pretty cool in terms of story and making the world feel more “alive”. (Ironic, as it’s still a zombie apocalypse lol.)

edit: forgot to close the parantheses lmao what a dumbass


Ahhh entakt… The YouTuber who stopped playing unturned. I curse him forever for that. Jk

That was already implemented on the fire station model IIRC.

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I want more branding but I would hate to see it all be based on community members, I like the billboards and all but if everything was named after people in the community I feel that would isolate those who aren’t “in the game.” It would be a weird divide to put on the community. I like having community member references and injokes and all but if thats what most “brands” are frankly it would get annoying. Community recognition is amazing, I love when nelson does stuff to support/reference us. I just dont want it to be overdone.

I feel like im the odd one out here :man_shrugging:

Brands should be used as a way to expand the universe and then every now and then reference a community figure not the other way around.


But what do you mean by

I mean to use original brands

We already know thats going to be the case.


just change the letters

like pepsi to bebis
Dominoes to jarominoe
etc etc

If I saw “jarominoe” I’d think it’s a misspelling of “Geronimo” not a reference to “Dominoes” and bebis=benis :finland:

wait you spell Gerominoe with a Ge and not Ja?

Yes, just like how you say asshole instead of arsehole.

Seems like honestly a good idea.


holy shit someone actually likes it


yeah nah it’s a real good idea