Captain sydney rant

Hi it’s ya egg sussi from the Cool Conspiracy Club headed by gucci gangi and today you won’t believe what I’ve discovered.


So Mr. Molt and basically everyone on the planet had told me that captain Sydney is a female. Well I got proofs on why you were WRONG!

First proof

Sydney is bald.

Now, I don’t think that “Captain Sydney” is on a chemotherapy trail. Or that she’s a monk. (Which is not because no robes.) So?

Q&A Time

"But what about commander laurence? He has a crush on ‘her’ "

Well, I got some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that you’re RIGHT!
But the bad news is…

I search his bunk bed and found that…

He has a copy of Y.M.C.A… yep.

(I feel bad for Sydney man.)

Final proof

And lastly. I check Captain Sydney’s wardrobe.

There’s no bikinis nor zucchinis, If Sydney a female then “she” would have both of those. But no. He didn’t. Coincidence? I don’t think so-

Oh noes amigoes I got caught red hand.

Damnit, Thank you nuts now I have to post memes with gay Rickster. Please sent help, and don’t give him the stealy wheely, he’s not going to use it to escape.

/s I know Sydney is a woman lol. Sorry I put Sydney on a male homosapien body please don’t kill me thanks.


im so confused did i just have a stroke


11/10 bad meme.


That Lenny tho.

can i get an egg sausage in this fourm post

I think it’s an effect on cancer.

Time to bake some cake!


mm egg sausage


Those sausages look kinda bad lol.

You don’t know what your saying

As a member of the Slick Sausage Society. I think my statement is pretty clear.

This is my favourite meme for unturned xd

Not all sausages need to be slick. Some people find the rougher ones more stimulating.

I don’t know why but you shouldn’t use the word “stimulating” on a sausage. But could be just us.

(yes i know what it is dont try to smart me cuz its a joke kids)

I perferred wieners.

Both the name and it’s history is just better imo.

A kielbasa is literally a sausage made of non-cured salami. It fits in the sausage catagory…/s

I admire the potential for every thread on the forum starting on captain Sydney being possibly transitioning to BLOODY SAUSAGES.

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You did this.


i was following orders