Car Alarms

Some cars should spawn locked, but you could break a window or use a crowbar or a equivalent of a stealy wheely to get into the car without setting off a car alarm. The alarm would be pretty loud and attract zombies, causing a risk and reward time thing to getting into cars. It could also trigger if you wanted to hotwire a car but im not sure if that many gameplay mechanics and barriers are neccessary to getting into a car. I just want to see cars being harder to get and more risky.


Sounds cool, and maybe you could throw a rock at a car to get zombies away from an area or something.

I’d suggest that all cars should spawn locked, and in varying degrees of disarray. Perhaps even have lootable items within the vehicle’s compartments.

e.g. a car inside of a garage might be functional, but a car that’s been sitting outside in the weather might be missing parts, and have various damage on it like smashed windows.

In addition, vehicles should be armed with security alarms that ring loudly when the car takes a jolt or gets banged up. This could help with immersion, make it risky to attempt breaking into a car, or even work as a good distraction for zombies in a large city.

Edit: I didn’t read the post, was in a rush. Big oof


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