Car changes?

Im thinking cars chould have more states aka damaged, popped, missing for tires and damaged, broken down and then finally destroyed for chassi. With tires beeing shot till popped with any gun, then destroyed with high cal, the chassi untill broken down with highcal and only destroyed with explosives each state would have its own hp so there would be more chances to repair (and that could be made to use resources instead of just a blowtorch, by applying resources one by one to the car)
Cars should be able to pull one another basically making a train, this would slow down acceleration so more than 2 cars would be only good for long straight trips (having items in the car could slow down acceleration speed too), but not top speed, top speed could be less with popped or damaged tires. A new type of car could spawn and it would be a cart/dray(not sure if those are the correct words)
This car pulling idea basically makes the game more solo friendly as you would be able to bring back multiple cars as a solo and would make cars less griefable. Beeing able to partially destroy them could be whats used to ballance them if the damaged state makes them easy to shoot through and go slower than running speed then i think it would be ballanced.

Good idea for me