Car horn suggestion

Hello. When using the horn and turning the car on / off, although there is no hand on the horn, but it still makes a sound. It’s a bit unrealistic. It would be nice if this horn did not make a sound during this “operation”.


If I understand correctly, your suggestion is that when turning the car on / off the horn does not work, right? If so, this is a good suggestion that makes the gameplay more enjoyable.

Exactly as you’re saying.

In basically all of the cars I have ever driven or ridden in the horn and hazards would still work without engine power, all you need is a battery.

Really don’t see how that would make the game more enjoyable, but okay.

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Yes, but it looks unnatural like a horn makes sounds, and the hand doesn’t touch it. Not a significant thing, but always something :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you just want a animation when the player does that, which is a good idea.
Removing the horn is not.

I don’t want to remove the horn. I don’t know what animation you mean. All it has to be is.

I will try to explain again:
Here you can see that the hand is placed on it when using the horn.

During turn the car off / on and press the button responsible for using the horn, it makes a sound, but hand is not on it.

My suggestion was that during this action, which is turning the car on / off and holding the button responsible for the horn, the horn would stop making sounds for a moment.
As I wrote, it’s just a small thing.

(If I wrote somewhere incomprehensibly earlier, I’m sorry.)

You misunderstood both my comment and the topic :sweat_smile:. It is not to remove the horn, but it is the car to stop honking when the player removes his hand to start / stop the car.

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Huh, didn’t even look at the OP. Yeah my bad.

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