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My suggestion would be so in some servers manual transmission would be selective. Like when you make server for 3.0 you can write down in commands list server info, password, and choose what perspective would it be. And my suggestion would be that you choose option - Manual; Manual and automatic. And in some cases cars would be rather only manual or automatic, but that is closer to modded cars than vanilla. About the choose function - everyone in game settings would have slider to choose what transmission is preferable. And not to add gauges in to simple car interior speed gauge that is currently in car would turn red when going high RPM and would warn people about that you need to shift up. Those are just my fantasies but I can bet that those who play FH4 and 3 with full steering wheel setup would be surprised to see such mechanics in game, at least simplified. This would bring a whole new RP experience and surviving would be much tougher too. Next step would be upgraded parts finding or crafting like bigger turbine, new engine, but that is too much for a game that is based around surviving, not car building. Anyways hope everyone already cursed me for my English before this sentence :upside_down_face:.


I personally like more the idea of having cars exclusively manual.
Perhaps this supposed slider could have three phases, one for all manuals, one for all automatic and one that depended on the car.
So we would have older cars being manual and more modern cars as being automatic.


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Well see, we both like only manual, but the thing is unturned is not only for those who like it the realistic way. There are a lot of kids, and belive me they going to hate that. I personally like this idea, but at the same time you need to think about other community, not only sim racers :slight_smile:

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Yes, from the moment we add a slider that allows for all cars in an automatic mode, we are thinking about this part of the community that would hate to have to move the gears of the cars.

What about some cars being manual and some being automatic. In manual, your character already switches gear, but you could also decide when to change gear.

because that would suck, that’s why
I mean, it’s already doing perfect shifts all the time, why should you early shift yourself?

either do proper manual/auto or don’t, a scuffed mix like that will satisfy nobody

In dirt rally 2, the character shifts for you, and no one has complained about it.

it’s a difficulty setting which defaults to automatic where it shifts automatically, or it’s manual. you’re confusing shifting with blipping

not to mention, you suggested:

which doesn’t even relate at all

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on a keyboard, any tolerable manual system will really just be a sequential system. one button shifts up, one shifts down, and (maybe?) one puts in the clutch 100%. Its really not that hard to learn, so forcing some cars to be exclusively manual wouldnt be a problem unless you have trouble reading a tachometer and pressing a button. Plus, added immersion, right?

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Having newer cars being automatics and older, less common cars bring manuals could be interesting, and maybe a system for performance cars that allow you to switch the mode for better shift times if you’re experienced.


Just commenting to remind people that players can also use a controller to play the game. K+M isn’t the only input option supported for U4 (and by extension, U3 has support as well it’s not polished or with any substantial QoL).

id imagine it would be even harder to map 6 gears to seperate buttons on a controller aswell, but thanks for reminding - i forgot controllers could work. Do other rigs like racing wheels and pedals work too?

i think instead of having 1200 hours you should have a drivers license to play.


Well trying to switch gears by binding every gear to different button wouldnt be the best idea, but sequential shifting is the idea that I wanted to relate to. Just forgot the word D:

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