Car Skins?

I know Nelson said that he woulden’t add cosmetics or anything. But instead of apparel and gun skins… How about CAR skins? Eh? Eh?.. Nobody? Yeah this is probably a bad idea…

Nobody wants car skins.

Source: Unturned 3.


^ Car skins doesnt seem like a good idea lol. I do like the idea of racing in a bright punk hellokitty car, though.

See? maybe this could be a unique thing!



Maybe like spoilers and bumpers but not skins LMAO!

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wonders why I got a “New” tag on this since I thought I muted Memes

realizes this isn’t memes

Oh. Uh, yeah, that’s going to be a no from me, Cotton.

Hue Hue, your joking right?


Hey you guys don’t like it? Fine. But i mean he still COULD add it. You don’t have to use something even if its there ya know.

Aesthetic variations for vehicles, weapons, etc. could be done with in-game customization or variants like clothing and scopes in 4.X, but skins like in 3.X are a no.
(PS guys try to be constructive)

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It’s so cuuute!

Maybe you could find paints in game, and paint your car.


Yeah or that.

Well that was a fast reply.

I know right?

I can get behind that car cosmetic.

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