Carcass shelter

A common survival strategy for extremely harsh climatic conditions, such as freezing blizzards or harmful sandstorms (mostly on harsh winters or mountain climate). It consists on killing a big animal, such as a cow, bull, moose, horse or camel, and using its carcass for shelter from harsh climate, as it was shown in the film The Revenant. It would also serve as an improvised sleeping bag, so you can take a rest while taking shelter in there.

There would be also conditions to take in mind to avoid serious downsides upon applying this technique:

  • When inside of a dead animal, you wouldn’t be able too see outside (unless looking throught the cut from which you went in), so it demands you to be extra alert in order to not be exposed to potential threats.
  • Guts must be taken out and away from the animal (assuming smart carving and edibles made out from animal viscera) so that you don’t take chances against wildlife predators looking for food, even if these are fairly away.
  • Being inside a dead animal can soak your clothes, so if there’s cold outside you risk yourself of freezing if you don’t take clothing out before going in or if you can’t get dry asap. Also the animal blood in your clothes could likely attract nearby predators.
  • There’s a limit of time on which you can serve yourself from the animal’s residual body heat. This means that in some time, when all it’s heat is gone, it won’t protect you from cold that much.
  • If on a desert, being inside a dead animal for too long would likely increase the heat effects on the player, when carcass gets dry both inside and outside due to strong sunlight. However, main reason to apply this ln deserts is against sandstorms (not that much sunlight involved).

Important note: this is clearly a drastic technique for extreme situations, so even though by its numerous downsides it can be really helpful and save lives.

Hope you liked this simple and straightforward post. Please tell me your thoughts!

  • Excelent idea! Add this mechanic to game.
  • I think it’d be better if we tweak… (comment)
  • Disgusting/useless. Don’t like it.

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ya know I really don’t want to experience Yukon inside a carcass of a deer
with all the meat and shit just falling on top of me as i sleep
and the animals and the bugs…



Im really sorry, but something like this doesnt really feel like it should be in unturned.


exelent idea!
i would love it i the game

I personally think it wouldn’t be added in due to it being a little… Gore-ish (and a little too realistic)? I mean let’s be real, kids also play this game, and it’d not be cool for a kid to see your character kill and remove the guts of an animal for shelter.

I think it’d be cooler if you could find or craft a carcass shelter tho. No ripping off the guts of a bear, just click a button, the item is added, and the ragdoll is removed.


And I thought you smelled bad on the outside.

God no pls No, how do you make it stop it.

Yeah… no way

brutal unturned

I’m not quite sure, but I think using an animal for extra heat by sitting in it, even if you’ve gutted out all its internals, is a biohazard. Your whole body will be covered in blood, and you won’t be having a good time if the animal had an infection.

I appreciate the imagery this post contains.

Who gives a damn if some kids get offended or scared?
Only the kids and their parents, who care oh-so-much for their emotions and mental health, of course!
Not me.
No worries though, they’ll lose their innocence one way or another. Might as well show them what the real world has to offer faster.


Decent idea,but,come on now,we live on the 21st century,there should be a sleeping bag,or at least the materials to make one somewhere out there.The only way I can see this being implemented is as a very…very…VERY last resort’ish option.

(Also,can’t I just skin the animal and just sleep on some leaves with a nice wolf-skin blanket if the occasion really requires it?)

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Sounds like a good idea for harsh winter maps, I like it. Just like in that Star Wars movie I didn’t watch, or was it family guy?

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Would be pretty interesting, as it could also probably be used to hide in (maybe even shoot out of??) ala WW1/2 snipers. As long as this comes with a slew of other equally intense survival features this would feel and play great, but if it is a “standalone” type addition it would feel too situational and awkward. The anti-gore sentiment is fair, but this would go well with a butchering menu, i.e press some buttons on fresh game, and if you have the correct tools you would be able to choose to field dress it/remove the organs (wouldnt even need a animation just boom the animal is now field dressed) and then another option to make a shelter. Quick easy, gore free.

Also to the people who just said no without any reasoning whatsoever, thats pretty bad etiquette, and you should atleast explain why you react negatively (I am assuming its due to gore)

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Why does everyone think this is a good idea. We are literally talking about putting A mechanic that you kill an animal, Gut it, and then climb inside of it with all the organs and shit, and use that to heat yourself, In UNTURNED. Like really, that is WAY too far into realism and other bs.

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Where do you draw the line?

This is a survival technique, it has its place in a survival game.

I personally wouldn’t say realism isn’t a good thing. I believe realism is great because I enjoy the struggle of putting myself in a scenario which I would never be in. It’s fun because it’s challenging, suffice to say. And realism does this for me.

And if this is somehow wrong? Then I hope the world ends so I can finally get what I want.


Really think about it.

Cutting open an animal, and climbing inside of it. Also the fact that if a player is having so much trouble, I doubt there will be animals out in the open that you can shoot, then stab, then climb inside of in time before you freeze to death.

I would much rather other heating mechanics, rather than THAT.

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I mean animals cant really keep you warm any other way. You are forgetting the fact that this isnt supposed to be a one off idea, obviously it would come with other survival mechanics and a temperature system, it wouldnt just be, oh you are cold? Just go in a deer body every single time. Cutting open animals is already semi confirmed iirc due to butchery, so Im not sure what the big deal here is. Its actually adding gameplay other than just dicking the player over because thats how it is in reallife.

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Sounds like a good day to me, but that’s just a matter of opinion at the end of the day.
If you’re trying to sway my opinion with morals and the argument of ethicality here (what would usually go through the mind of a normal person), that won’t work.

Just going to rip some information off random websites.

Body temperature.
At 91 F (33 C), you can experience amnesia.
At 82 F (28 C) you can lose consciousness.
Below 70 F (21 C), you are said to have profound hypothermia and death can occur.

The temperature of a tundra can drop to -94° F (-70° C)

All I really have to ask now, is what is a polar bear?
I’d be damned if I had to look for more information; looking for something convincing on the manner of what temperature animals can survive is a pain in my ass.
Especially when search engines never give you the exact information you’ve asked for, but instead a vague answer. And me, knowing next to nothing about biology, wouldn’t want to try to make sense of it.
Or maybe I never got the answers? Who knows? Not me.

Potentially uncredible sources:

Im not, it just seems stupid to me that people want to make it so we can climb inside a carcass to stay warm in a game like unturned.

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You cant say that though because no one knows what the game is going to be like except for nelson