Carcass shelter

I think by now this horse has been beaten around long past its lifespan. The problem that arises here isn’t the “choice” of having another form of warmth, it’s just that to have a mechanic such as this ingame would also divert resources from other mechanics at what seems to be a trivial matter.

Rather than having this system where you could slit open an animal and crawl inside it I believe a better and more suitable alternative would be to implement lean-tos and other shelters such as tents. Not to mention I’d like to believe that fire plows and drills will make it into the game so carrying firestarting tools is redundant.

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i hate this idea too, trust me dude. i just don’t like the idea that II should be family friendly and appeal to kids.

I think that if you have farm animals like cows, sheep, and animals like horses/dogs, you can stay in an animal barn for warmth

I’ve refrained from giving my opinion on the post thus far, as there has been a lot of discussion going on in the replies. I’ve read (or skimmed) most of the posts though.

On the gore side of things, I’m not super into it. However, considering U4 might have skinning animals as a game mechanic (in some form or another, and currently without any idea of how gore-y or non-gore-y it’ll be), this kinda makes sense as an extension of that mechanic.

Although I’m not entirely sure I want it, if it was added I’d be more in favor of it being with, as someone put it, “just a slit”. You don’t even need to depict any gore at all, it’d be just like stretching the sides of the deer model out a bit (which would still be kinda weird to think about, but is far less gore-y).

Why not the gore-y version? Gore just isn’t the reason Unturned appeals to me. Other games, sure, but for Unturned I think it’d flow better with the rest of the game as just a “slit”. If sanity is added to the game, then this is something that should probably kill your sanity quite a hefty amount.

But on the flip side, I’m pretty cool with this just not being a thing at all. :man_shrugging: Hence my lack of voting in polls.

Just a reminder to keep it civil, as people are going to disagree with each other considering this is a discussion-oriented site.

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making a temporary shelter with sticks and hide from a skinned animal would be a way better idea imo, to protect from cold, heat, and wild animals/zombies/etc.

@everyone again, I brought this up assuming that campfires won’t be everything-proof Infinite fire sources, which leads to the fact that a fire in the open wouldn’t survive a blizzard. Low tier improvised shelters and tents may not resist either if the storm is too strong, and also I assume that there’ll be building times rather than insta-placing, so if you’re not ready in time you could be negatively affected by cold or directly freezing while building, so you’d be screwed.

Pelting the animal would be very effective, but it should take longer, and the hide would protect from cold but in a minor grade, since these are designed just as cover to not let own body heat out, and couldn’t be enough against strong freezing winds. Then if you decide to pelt the animal during storm you’ll be more protected but still taking your chances against it, since no (normal and non-fictional) piece on clothing can protect you from strong winter winds and getting covered or buried in snow.

And over again… Yes, this is a mean for extreme situations, on which you hadn’t set or found a proper shelter in time and blizzard/sandstorm gets you on low guard in middle of the wild. Storms should be predictable and not sort of a random event, so anyone with knowledge enough could get ready in time and properly, since I actually didn’t mean that I want everyone to hide in deers as the only alternative either.

In general terms, I’d prefer to have the option available. And also, this can be made gore free, which I’d be okay with. I found ridiculous that in UII we’ll probably be able to make animal head trophies and hats, hide and leather clothing and gear, get many different cuts and slits from animal parts to cook and eat… And all that sorts of stuff, but I’d feel I’m missing something if I say you couldn’t take advantage of an animal like this if I know it’s possible IRL and it’s an actual survival technique.


Hmmm, if you put it that way, then it could work.

I’m cool with having makeshift clothing made out of animal skin (like the craftable leather outfit in U3), but that’s about the limit of where “gore” should be taken, in my opinion.

It’s a game about survival. Grow a spine.

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No, but building a fire in a cove or cave would protect against the wind. Not to mention buildings…
You know how untuned is a game that has buildings in it you could hide in.

Plus people build a shelter very quickly in most survival games.

You never know when you can be stranded in the wild and with scarce resources. I see you’re not considering worst scenarios, and I don’t blame you; U3 made it so easy that few ppl can picture UII being unforgiving.

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I know that can happen, but the chances of finding an animal and then killing it for a shelter are low too, I do want more common animals but they should still require tracking to find, you cannot track in a blizzard.
Prehaps a snow den would be a better idea.

This idea sounds like it belongs in the long dark, even that dosnt have it though.

There is so much more to it than that.

Its about how actually useful it would be to the game, not a personal grudge against gore.


this is nearly as bad as the eating corpses thread

and i made that


Not even close.

Because animals are supposed to be hunted down or breeded and eaten if needed, as you can serve yourself from them in other manners, as the hide, claws/fangs, feathers, fat and/or bones.

This is no different from that.


He means in stupidity…
I think by the stage you find an animal in a blizzard, you would have had an easier time finding a cave, not to mention that hopefully blizzards in 4 will start slow and grow stronger, giving a warning to find shelter.


Flash blizzards do happen in real life (especially in cold climates), and considering how the UII map will be larger, reliably finding shelter while in the middle of the forest is unlikely.

True, but they player should have some way of seeing one is comming.
And out in the middle of a forest, finding an animal to kill might be really hard.
The player would just die if they were unlucky, but that’s survival games, sometimes you die cause you are about in the middle of nowhere when a blizzard hits, try a snow den.

somebody call up the misery machine

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