Cargo Train going out of the map glitch

I added the cargo train to my custom map and i noticed it can drive through the map barrier. Not a major bug, you’re not supposed to add trains to custom maps anyway. Though would be cool if it gets fixed.

It can also drive through obstructions when the train’s speed is over 55 or something (obstructions put there on purpose)

If you are reading this Nelson, please fix this.

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buildable obstructions? like bases and such? yeah the train is supposed to be able to smash through buildables. Map objects? well I didn’t have that bug but when my train hit a blade of grass :confused: yeah well it went flying off the tracks and hovered over the ground

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any player-made barricades will be destroyed. However, Barricades that belong to the map itself will be able to stop the train

Not player made obstructions, it went straight through the metal fence for me

I never said play made obstructions, I meant map obstructions. The train went straight through a metal fence for me. And besides the topic was it can go through the map barrier

well, it’s not programmed like a regular car. it has tracks to go on and nothing else stops it except map obstacle, other than that it will just keep going. and may I say, the metal fences, I believe can be destroyed.

Yeah I see how it’s fixed to a form of road (I tested it and it worked on any normal roads). And objects couldn’t be broken back then, I posted this before the update where you could break through objects

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Destructabe objects were added a long time ago.

He meant trains breaking through objects.

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I see. My bad.