Carpat crash

When the game starts load the files of carpat my game crash.
The errors:
.says unknowk software exeption
.the game stop working
What i tried:
.verify the files
.delete the logs files
Now i see clear the crash happens when the game end loading

Y tried to delete the longs files but nothing happens

It is highly unnecessary to make a separate post for each sentence you have to say. If you want to add on to your original message, edit it.

Verify your files and see if that changes anything.


I tries but doesn’t works

If you click the three dots next to “reply” in your post, there will be a pencil. Click the pencil and you will be able to edit your post.

And please, do not tell me that doesn’t work. Spare yourself the calories you will use typing that out.


The thing what doesn’t works is the verify the files

I found the problem, my pc keeps out of memory

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