Carpat runs soooo well

Seriously,in other maps my average FPS is 45-50 at medium to high settings.
In Carpat I get like 60 or 70 almost all the time with the same setting and even better ones.

What’s happening?:confused:

(Whenever is going on,I like it :sunglasses:)

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Carpat’s trees use a special shader to increase performance for Windows users. (This wasn’t tested for Mac/Linux, which is why you see others complaining about the trees.)

The map is medium in size, unlike most other curated maps.

The location density is far different than other maps. Locations aren’t cramped, and spread out across basically the whole map (including all the unmarked buildings you can loot without having to enter a town/village/farm/etc.).

You render, like, 5 entities at a time. There’s so few zombies/items/vehicles/animals/etc.


This might be a formula 4.0 can follow in order to increase performance.

Carpat made those decisions because it’s part of their core design for the map. Unturned 3 is poorly optimized because of a poor core infrastructure, which is superior in Unturned II.


Yeah,sure,but I would really like to see a map like that in Unturned II