Carpat thoughts


I know, I know. It’s been like 4 seconds since the map came out.


It’s actually unplayable for me. I mean, I’m generally running the game on low-medium settings, shame on me, but I’ve never encountered such an unplayable map. I froze trying to teleport to the village, and when I entered the train station, I froze again.

Not to mention looking anywhere hurts because the trees are literally purple.

This feels like a let down. I definitely think there was a lot of thought and work put into the map, but clearly the map released too early. Things like debris placement (AND THE INFAMOUS SCALED DEBRIS), poorly created (and somewhat unfinished) npcs, clothing with weird descriptions and names, a poor choice in references that straight up make you go “Why is this here?”, generic location names on the chart/gps, a room that you cannot escape if you teleport to the Bunker, terrain comparable to Germany in terribleness (not quite as spiky though, I’ll be fair on that one), and underwhelming new firearms all lead to an underperforming, yet fairly creative map.

I wonder if my expectations were set too high or not, but either way, I definitely think there is tons of room for improvement. I really looked forward to a really difficult, beautiful map, and it seems I didn’t quite get it. Either way I love the idea of the clothes holding way less storage, and animals being a real threat. There is some unique location design, although the map still feels rather empty. Maybe that’s the point?

So yeah. I don’t hate the map or anything, and I definitely respect the creators for all of their hard effort and work put in. I just think these fixes need to happen very soon or the map will simply fail to spike interest. I also have to give the team credit, as english really isn’t their first language so it’s understandable that the english on the map wouldn’t be excellent. Still, I don’t think it would have been too much of a stretch to have one or more english speakers go over the map and make sure everything made sense before launch.

End of the day, if this is the level of quality Nelson accepts for curation, that somewhat worries me though. This map had a testing phase, and yet all of these bugs and needed tweaks still exist. Again, I definitely don’t hold anything personal against the devs. They did their best and I can respect that. I just think Nelson ought to hold folks to a slightly higher degree of quality before release. We all remember the Hawaii release.

Any thoughts?

Yukon 2.0 is out, bois

For starters I think the English localization of the map really needs some touch-up from a native speaker.

Many of the map location names have visible syntax, capitalization errors, or are just really generic names. Then there’s “Foodstuffs Factory”


I don’t have this issue. I assume it happens for people who run the legacy tree quality though, or have blending off.

The generic names are intentional, I believe. However, the rest is very much true, and even applies to the description of the map.


I use legacy trees and don’t have this issue, hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

Alongside that, I’ve actually been running Carpat smoothly at high settings, so maybe it’s just something to do with hardware.


This is the best map ever.

JK. I still didn’t play it. But it looks better than russia all i can say.


Going to guess “Blending off” then? Or possibly a graphics card issue, but that one seems unlikely.

Yeah. Carpat has been alright for me too, but I haven’t really “played” it yet. There were a few crash-inducing hotspots near a couple of spawns though. Should check to see if there’s devkit holes anywhere, as that’d definitely be more intensive on hardware.

It’s only a medium-sized map though, so surely it can’t be that bad.

  1. Timed curation has lower standards.

  2. I agree that none of the curated maps have proper quality control. They’ve basically all released without acknowledging super obvious issues that should’ve been fixed early into development. A quality pass shouldn’t happen as a day 7 patch.

  3. Nelson eased off a lot when it came to being a part of the development process for curated maps.

    • I think this is a good decision, so the community has creative freedom (and we’ve seen some very unique things due to this), but Russia’s development was by far the best. Even though it sounds like Nelson checked everything that was put out by Russia, to make sure it fit his game, it definitely helped the map be one of the best maps, and didn’t hinder its creativity too much.

    • However, for Unturned 3, I think that’d take too much time. That level of dedication to being the central individual everything goes through slows down development, and is basically the same as Nelson making the map himself. I would appreciate if France gets some actual quality passes, consistently before its release, but I don’t expect too much on Rio and British Isles.

    • Unturned II will most likely, and most definitely should, have more oversight from Nelson on such things.

More bugs:

  • No yellow Lanus.
  • The color should be before Lanus, not after.
  • Looking in the folders, the vehicle spawn tables don’t exist? They don’t use the newer spawn system. They use the legacy version.


I tested the map on all 3 tree settings (wow that took a while) and had no problems. It’s probably either a problem with a different setting, or just a problem with the graphics card that OP is using. I’d guess it’s similar to the missing textures on felled trees when Hawaii was first released.

(For reference, I’m using an Nvidia GTX-1050)


Hawaii’s issues were apparent for everybody though. :confused:

Could be a LOD issue, or outdated drivers.

EDIT: Not an LOD issue. Just checked


If I remember correctly, Hawaii’s missing textures only happen on certain trees around the map, and in the image posted all trees were broken.


Yeah, it was just one type of tree in Hawaii. It had missing textures on the roots too.


It’s probably because I’m running this on a mac. Still, none of the other trees do this.


iirc a similar issue has happened in the past w/ Russia’s (or Germany’s?) trees for Mac users. Someone else might remember better.

I don’t have a Mac on me atm to test on Carpat w/ anyways.

What OS is your Mac anyways?


I’ve played on the map for the few past hours, and it’s pretty bad. It’s got all the things that make map bad except for it’s optimisation, it runs pretty well for me, but that’s most likely because the map features barely any zombies, barely any items spawns and plenty empty buildings. In a survival sense, this map is horrible because of it’s complete lack of loot: two runs in two different deadzones should not only give me a Zubeknakov, a Ranger mag and a Stealy Wheely. The locations are under propped or propped only to not feel empty: Some buildings only have a few pieces of furniture, others are empty rooms filled with only crates, other locations have buildings that the player literally cannot enter due to the lack of doors.


I feel you, I got a zubek, a ranger drum and a high cal ammo box. obviously I also got the typical pistol noone needs and low cal ammo (4 boxes, of around 20 rounds each).
I guess it’ll be fixed on the next update, loot this low is not up to Unturned standards.

Edit: I called the drum a magazine


The core philosophy for Carpat is that loot shouldn’t be shoved down your throat, like every other map does where survival is a joke.

I think that’s probably fine, as long as deadzones aren’t the only location with decent loot. You can still utilize the makeshift tier of items.

I have not played enough to experience this, but the locations I have visited looked quite nice imo.

more concerns:

:arrow_up: Item descriptions and random files.

:arrow_up: This isn’t realistically safe.

:arrow_up: Roots are excessively large, and don’t have much of a reason to be when they’re usually under the map.

Except when they’re above the map, of course. :arrow_down:

insert utter lack of waterfalls :C

Obviously you need the pistol. :v

This is literally the whole point of the map. It’s not going to be made like other maps. It’s meant to be hardcore, like Yukon, but without the awkward blizzard system and complete lack of locations.

EDIT: I’ve visited a few locations briefly, and some of the furnishings are a bit questionable, but not that much. There’s a few locations that do look quite nice, and the landscape around locations seems to be well enough.


The core philosophy for Carpat is that loot shouldn’t be shoved down your throat, like every other map does where survival is a joke.

The problem with how it’s done is that even then the map doesn’t allow you to receive any materials or any other items you could use to aid you survive, not just guns, but food and clothing in general.


In this game, everything is easy or extrmely hardcore, and then there’s the russia map right in the middle. I didn’t know it was intended to be harder than usual, but I’m scared of how this one’s going to work - I want it to be good, don’t get me wrong - but I’m getting the hawaii launch feeling, minus the hype for coastguard stuff.


I definitely haven’t ran around the map actually playing it as I assume you have for a bit, but if there’s legitimately less than 1 item per building coming out each each town, then yeah, it’ll probably be boosted a bit.

That being said, you get a free item when you spawn, from the cooler (usually you need to break it open unless it glitches out). If you get a seed, or anything that can be turned into a seed, you’re pretty much set and can build a base.

People can’t exactly raid you that easily here.

Yeah, launch is most definitely busted.

Edit: The Carpat ambulance has the trademarked Red Cross symbol.

Edit 2: Play it on a server with a group, and focus on base-building. Use makeshift tier weapons to hunt animals, and have a farm. You can get canteens from a fair amount of the locations, and so just get some rain barrel up.

KOS till the end of days. :wink: The lack of loot makes nakeds a fair target, to be honest. If someone has a weapon, they’ll likely attack you. Whoever is on the server longer wins.

That’ll be the main flaw, imo.


I lost all hope for curated maps that are in the making.


I didnt even know it came out XD, thanks for telling meXD