Cars dont drop loot when drowned

What do you guys think about the fact that if a car is getting thrown into the river it dosnt drop the items storaged on it.

I think it would be too easy to raid car bases if you just could flip an enemys car into the river and get their stuff? but on the other side then its also a choice that they didnt move the stuff to another base

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Use a car jack and get’ya loot.
Use a stealy-wheely-automobiley and get’ya enemy’s loot

Vehicles will still drop their loot if they are destroyed while underwater. All you have to do is carjack it above the waterline where it instantly explodes.

I disagree with the addition of loot dropping when a vehicle is merely submerged, since then it’d be far too easy to loot even armored vehicles if you just had a carjack.

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