Cars physics plz fix

madye have each car wheel on its own suspension, In short car suspension needed

I personally think the physics fine. Its a little whacky and janky at first but you get used to it and it isnt unbearable.

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there okay but could be better

i have 30h and I love it the physics is something to make my day

No. /s

plz explain

wtf is “/s”???

Used to denote sarcasm.

Nah, not happening in 3.X. That’d be a major overhaul.

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Since the last update, cars cannot be accessed when left between a floor and a ramp, I have to resort to the carjack. Which seems to be the only function left as these days vehicles :red_car: tend to automatically stand properly whenever back in the days it was common to leave them flipped over when no carjack was at hand.

you’re saying it as a bad thing, and the not being able to enter a car is already being fixed

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