Category and tags thingy stuck

Sometimes when I make a post, it’s Unturned II, but then it gets stuck on that and I can’t change it to community lounge or anything else than Unturned II or Unturned 3.0 and the tags thingy, no tags show.

What device are you using? (phone, pc, etc)

i use pc and its still stuck

What if you try to make a topic when you are on the main page?
Because if you are in a category for example unturned II you can’t change it to a different category.

what do you mean, i’m still not exprienced in the sdg forums

If you go to the main page (where you see the categories on the left and posts on the right) and then make a post you can choose all the categories but if you clicked on for example the category unturned II and make a post then you can only choose unturned II categories for the post.

Which button?

Click on the icon at the top-left to go to the main page and the click on “+ New Topic” at the top-right/center and if you then want to change the category you can choose them all.

ok thanks a

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