Cauterize wound

If you are bleeding you can heat a metal tool and cauterize the wound thus stopping the bleeding, but not as efficient as the bandages as you will be applying damage to the body, this method can slightly decrease your health bar, (Please forgive me for the lousy drawing.)


I find it interesting, now how could it work?
Imo a bleeding player, when he comes near a fire, with a knife in his hand (or anything metal item) can interact with it and then stop the bleeding at the cost of a few life points.


I’m not a fan of the suggestion because it’s way too specific a mechanic


How? You could say that about a lot of things in 3.0, that doesn’t make it a bad suggestion

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You’d be oversaturating the mechanic is how, I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be multiple ways to address a certain injury, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be as specific as this- where you’d need multiple items and access to a fire, just to heal one affliction

And about saying that about some U3 mechanics, that doesn’t make those ones good either


Yeah this is an oddly specific mechanic, chances of you having a knife equipped and out, a fire nearby, and to be bleeding are slim to none, and since most people don’t just carry campfires with them for no reason (unless it’s a cold map), instead leaving them at their bases, it’s a lot easier to just let players grab stored medical supplies or craft something in the safety of their base instead of implementing a mechanic that’ll be rarely used instead of working on more useful stuff. Not to say that it wouldn’t be useful at least once, but the only other game (let alone any media in the past decade) I’ve ever seen this done in was a cutscene for the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, and stuff that looks cool =/= immediately good to include

It would be a good test for the double hilt, one hand with a knife and the other with a torch, but this can also work with campfires, this is more like a useful emergency resource since varying the difficulty or season within the game some items have become more rare.
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The weapon warming mechanics could also be used in this, really convenient that he posted it.

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