(CAUTION: READ SIRADY'S REPLY) UWM Unturned Wallpaper Maker 2019

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Does it have snippets of or full official maps?

For anyone interested, this does just seem to be the older version of Unturned Wallpaper Maker, which was abandoned in 2017-2018. IDK What the 2019 was added for, and it certainly doesn’t have ALL the cosmetics or objects, since they were never fully added before the original was scrapped. Unless this is indeed what you’re looking for, you’re wasting your time.


oh god not again

Not only that, its also using a URL shortener which is very shady considering their recent reputation.

And posting after 2 years of inactivity.

:thinking: False advertising and URL shortener. These are 2 big red flags.

Reminds me of the time someone reuploaded a dead alpha game but with keyloggers lol.


Please do not link reuploaded content that has been taken down by the developer.

Misleading title and use of URL shortener is also a no-no.