Ceiling Lights

There should be an Feature were you could place Ceiling Lights in the Ceilings/Roof (Not the Basic one in the Scorpion-7 Laboratory) Make it like The Cage lights but without the Lines _ you know.

I think it would be a great Idea by the way so.

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Yes please.

Also simple lightbulbs as low tier alternative, among other stuff.

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Soooo, a recess light?

(Actual light from my bathroom)

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Pretty high tier right there imo.

I had in mind something towards the Ceiling Light in Rust. You know, the stereotypical kind that hangs down from a wire and sways if you hit it.



well, Nick was talking about a light “in the ceiling” and not hanging down… so I thought of my lights.

Mean, it whould be a nice addition to save wall space, perhaps there can even be spots on the buildables to where some will snap in.

Like we can get chandeliers (both electric and candle), oil lamps, those classic 3.0 ceiling lights, fans, sentry, disco ball lights, ex’s.

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