Celestial Navigaaaaatiooooooooon

A way to make this a bit more of a survival based game is to add some sort of navigational survival system, for example, you needing to use sextons ( sextants) or make a custom sort skybox with different stars ie. Ursa Major and or Crux

You could also add a feature where map devs can make their own custom skyboxes for this very reason.


would be cool to see other planets outside of unturned earth

but then again, i don’t see a point. Unturned doesn’t have a minecraft like map, and navigation in unturned is pretty easy since you can go camps in Russia and Washington for gps’s or charts.


It is unknown whether we will get a realistic starmap, but Unturned II currently actually has solar and lunar cycles modelled true-to-life, even varying through the seasons of the year. You can do a lot navigation-wise by just using the sun and moon alone.

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