Change player's beard, hair and skin color during the game

Currently I’m developing a plugin which need to change character appearance during the game on server.

I know, how to do it when player’s connecting to server, but not during the game.

But for now I cannot find a proper way to do it.

So it would be great to add a feature like this:


Or if I missed something in the game-code, then point it out to me, so I can make my plugin properly.

I know about Reflection and eventually I’ll come up with solution somehow. But I want to find a proper way without any dirty hacks.

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An Ordinary RocketMod Plugin Developer

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Currently you can make that by custom assets (mods) not by plugins, but I support that idea anyway, because realisation I brought up there has some flaws.
First, you need to do auto-equip plugin so that if you eqiup any cap/helmet/other “Hat” slot, your hair disappears from your inventory. Then that plugins memorizes your hair and then auto eqiups it back on you when you remove your real headwear from your character’s “Hat” slot.
Issue is that this solution isn’t simple and is prone for exploiting (there’s a chance someone will use it for duping items).

So instead of simple plugin you get custom Workshop mod plus advanced plugin.