Changing foliage on a whole map

i want to bring back the old germany yellow and brown grass . idk why but its just looks better for this map but i dont know if can i change all of the russia foliage (grass) from this map to the old yellow like with materials

This is very easy to do!

  1. Open a copy of the map. (Don’t edit the original map.)
  2. TerrainTiles [4].
  3. Select each tile and manually replace the current material (e.g. Peaks_Grass_4) with your desired material (e.g. Peak_Grass_3) by selecting the current from the smaller list on the bottom, and the desired from the larger list on the right.

Some materials might have used different foliage. E.g., Peaks_Grass_0 compared to Russia_Grass_0. We can change that too!

  1. TerrainFoliage [3].
  2. Deselect everything except for Bake Instanced Meshes.
  3. Use Bake Nearby when in the tile you want to replace foliage in. Alternatively, you can use Bake Global to update the foliage in all tiles but this will take much longer.


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