Changing Military Cloth Camos

Okay, a suggestion that I think would be good is making military clothes have actual camo such as:

This could be done by using the current:

  • woodland camo instead of green for forest military
  • desert (or multicam) camo instead of simple tan for desert military
  • arctic camos instead of white for actic military
  • Scrubbrush camo instead of dark green for russian military

So these could be easily importanted over the top of the 2d models for the clothing (i think xd)

This would mean that ghillie would actually be useful, as it matches the exact colour of the ground, and you cant be wearing full armour and still be impossible to see. However, you still can be camo’d slightly wearing the military armour, just not as much as before.



The camos of U.3 are not going to change.

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Currently the military clothes of U3 are basically for defence and storage. They are completely not what military clothing are meant to be, which is camouflage. I would like to see camo applied to the military clothing for UII. or future UII updates.

Nelson is open to suggestions for this upcoming game, he’s clearly trying to make it as good as possible and thus will be reading a lot of suggestions, don’t write anything off.

Edit: Oops. I thought this was a U2 suggestion. Let’s pretend it is so my comment makes sense, K?

Edit 2: Then again, I don’t see anything about this in the U2 Trello or Wishlist, so maybe this would be better as a U2 suggestion. =)

Why not? Unturned 3 shouldnt just be left in the dust, its nelsons main source of money for development of unturned II. Little things like this can be easily added and adjusted. If you have evidence as to why, i would be open to see it, but this is just another suggestion that will never get beyond my own words and other thoughts as nothing seems to change in U3 :c

I’m pretty sure Army equipment is not meant for camouflage, the things that’s is meant for camouflage is the ghillie suit

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It’s a waste of time for him to redo them, just because one guys personal preference

Camo military clothing is already implemented and has been shown for U4.

Oh. Well I haven’t seen it, I only looked on the trello and the wishlist.

It’s balancing, something that gets overlooked a lot. If I dress up in full forest military armour, I can still camoflague almost as well as someome with full ghillie, tell me how that makes sense? This is for balancing and no preferential.

What currently exists graphically in 3.0 will almost likely always stay the same for the entirety of the games life. The last time I saw a major change was to older models like the Eaglefire back a while ago, and then more recently with the name changes - but that was to prevent lawsuit or so on.

When was the last time you saw a model or graphic get redone? lol

the only problem is that the only ‘‘camo’’
color would be pure green which would
not look like irl camo

This kind of statement makes me think that A: you’re really young and B: you’re the type to believe dual wielding is a perfectly viable option or other similar myths

Uniforms almost always have camouflage in mind, with different color schemes such as Desert, Woodland, Multicam, etc. Ghillie suits are designed for snipers who not only need camouflage but also need to actively blend in. By breaking up the human shape, a ghillie suit helps prevent a sniper from being easily picked out as their form is hidden.

Army equipment literally is meant for camouflage.

I wish I was really young but that’s besides the point, I’ve never ever even seen war so from what I’ve seen, it’s not camouflage but you may be right like I said oven o lot seen ghille suits and I know that those for a fact are actually supposed to Ben camouflage

I’ve been trying around with camouflage in Unturned for a while now, and so far, it’s cool but not effective in the way it should be. Due to Unturned’s really blurry ground textures and minimal foliage, everything is essentially the same color in nature. This makes it that camouflage patterns are essentially useless in the traditional sense, where multiple superimposed colors of variating shades and saturations are supposed to break the shape.

Regular military camouflage uniforms since the 1960’s exist with the purpose of tricking the brain into thinking the soldier is not a target. With a quick glance, the brain doesn’t see the regular outline of the human body as the shadows of the surroundings blend in with the colors, and the patterns blend randomly with the background, breaking the shape. Unlike Ghillie Suits, which provide full concealement over extended periods of time, military BDU’s (uniforms) don’t hide the soldier from sight completely, but rather stop immediate target aquisition.

Anyway, I was mostly meming while making these, but they are the skin camos put on clothing. Posed in Unity with U3 grass, so you can see that these don’t really work.

Flektarn (For Russia)




Tried to make a nice Russian camo


These look fine. I’m not suggesting the change so you can camoflague more. In suggesting it be change so your camoflague less. Making cool camoflague patterns makes armour less op and less camoflagued

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