Changing server params?

Hi, сan you help me? How to change server parameters like number of people and what does U4SV = MyFile.json mean

The docs on GitHub are generally correct. There are some exceptions to that, namely, the server name is still set by an argument (-SteamServerName=“My Server”) and not in the config option. I haven’t gotten permissions working on my server yet so I can’t help with those.

Okay, Nelson writes Specify the -U4SV = MyFile.ini on the command-line. This can be a file name in the Saved folder, or an absolute file path anywhere on the system. It turns out U4SV = MyFile.ini you need to enter this in your server file, and replace MyFile with something else?

If you use MyFile.ini then you should see MyFile.ini get created in the Saved folder for you.

@khakers do you mind sharing what went wrong with the permissions setup? I will try to help debug, or add some warnings messages for whatever went wrong.


Here’s my current config file.
The server seems to be loading DefaultRole as the default role and logs loading its permissions, but attempting to execute any of the commands results in a missing permissions error.

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Thanks! Two things:

  1. It looks like there was a typo in the documentation. OnlineSession.OnlineSession should have been OnlineSession.CustomName
  2. From that config 76561198048513192 is being explicitly added to the DefaultRole role, but I think what you want is to include Members=76561198048513192 in the SuperRole role. By default all players will have permissions from the default role.

I think there might be an issue with the members comparison when a player joins… will get this sorted out for the next update!


That is indeed what I wanted to do. I added it manually solely in an attempt to get the roles working properly.

Thanks for checking everything out! Permissions are working great with this update!


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