Character Creation Menu and Sliders

Would be great to have character sliders and more in depth cuztomization for unturned ||.
Would create more diversity and for example show difference between a male and female character.
You could make your character more muscular or thinner or fatter. Does not really need to have slider for everything ,but maybe just limbs belly and chest.

More hairstyles would be nice as well, more detailed and maybe some more longer hairs.
I don’t know if the character will have eyes with pupils and color, but if it does have rgb slider for that.
Skin color should not have rgb slider at all, you should only have realistic skin color from very pale to dark.

This would help with more variations between survivors and more options for players to mix and match with.
Though most people would probably go thin for PvP as it would decrease the hitbox.

Also why is the character yellow in every devblog?

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Probably a LEGO reference.

where did you even get that idea.

Its just the skin color nelson uses for his player mdoel

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Lego invented a type of interlocking blocks, not the color yellow.


I’m sure this would only work if there were any benefits to being fatter or more muscular, because if otherwise, you would just have a bigger hitbox.


more or less it just looks better with unturned style. DUnno

That’s not what he’s saying lmao


Since version 3.0 Nelson presents the characters in yellow then or is something else or else Nelson is a big fan of the Simpsons.

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I think he was referring to the fact that most LEGO minifigures (especially the older ones) are yellow in “skin” color.

to avoid racism, last i heard

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And I was alluding to the fact that Lego didn’t pioneer that coloration, Johannes Vermeer, for example, used yellow ochre as a pigment for painting skin 230 years before Ole Kirk Christiansen was even born.

that would require a change in the hitboxes. Otherwise it’s LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!

I don’t think anyone was implying that LEGO created the idea of using yellow for skin color, so I have no idea what your argument is even being based on.

Guys, please calm down about LEGO. There is no use to keep on talking about it and that’s not what the whole point of this discussion was in the first place. I just guessed, ok. I’m sorry. Don’t kill me please.


No one else does either. I used the fact that yellow has been a common color to represent human skin outside of Lego figurines to point out that it’s no more likely to be a Lego reference than it is to be a Roblox reference, not a reference to anything in particular, or a reference to any other of countless examples of the color yellow being used for a person’s skin color.

I think you’re safe - they’re about to kill each other, from what I can tell.

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actually i think the fatter and thinner stuff should not be a slider or nothing like that. you should be fatter if you eat too much and thiner if you dont, etc

No. Thats just… no.

are you talking to me?

He probably is, if it was mostly cosmetic there would probably be a meta of starving yourself to have a smaller hitbox.