Character design: new haircuts, beards and face features

Players have between four and dozens of face / beard / hair designs to choose from when designing their characters depending on if they have purchased gold upgrade or not, and a fair amount of those are starting to show their age which is why I think it would be nice to have more and revamp some of the existing ones.

Could we imagine something like a design contest to be organised which would see modders and community members try to design their own haircuts, beard cuts and faces, with the winners eventually seeing their content added into the game? It might be a good idea to refresh some of the character designs and bring a more diverse panel of features (face designs with freckles, wrinckles, “feminine”,
make-up, etc…), including for non-gold players who have a very limited choice of options.


I guess this is not in priority right now. There are a lot of stuff to do