Character Model Changes Overtime

This suggestion might be a bit too much for some people which i understand, but i still like it and think it would add a cool new aspect to the game.

I think it would be cool that if you ate too much you would get fatter, and that if you were to work out you would then get more muscular. That doesn’t mean there should be a whole new parent mechanic for working out but just adding something like that would be great.

It could also work great with a replacement for EXP. (which probably everyone already said) You know what i mean, the more you run the faster you run, the more you chop wood the better you’re at it etc. (will probably cover my ideas for such a system too) but my point is that what you do impacts not only how your character works but how he looks.

If you’re gonna eat a lot, just extend the belly, don’t make it sudden, just make it change over a long period of time, and maybe if you chop a lot of trees you’ll get stronger and the belly shrinks. Then you could do the same with running, and shooting (the more you use a gun the sway [which I’d love to see as a replacement for the stupid bloom mechanic] reduces) and so on.

Add anything you want here, and be nice to everyone, cheers.

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I can’t imagine the current model being fat or muscular, and it also seems pretty unnecessary. It “sounds cool” on paper, but in practice it would just be an abstract mechanic that doesn’t really have a purpose.


I see it as a visual way of telling other players someones stats you know? Making him look muscular would be hard, and i atleast can imagine the model be “fat”, but i don’t think it should completely go down the drain, atleast slight visual cues on the stats of other players that’s the main idea, which i did a very poor job of showing.

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You shouldn’t be able to instantly know what another person’s stats are; however, there are visual cues to show how well a player is doing (ie good gear, fully repaired rifle, etc).

Also, another important note to make is that there won’t be any fat survivors. Food will be scarce and you would want to be in peak physical performance to survive in the apocalypse.

But if it becomes a mechanic, what would happen when you die? Do you lose your fat? Do you become less muscular? Would the additional weight slow you down? Should it slow you down? Will your hitbox change if you are grossly overweight? Will you make heavier footsteps? There are too many factors to consider here with a change like this.


This an idea that reminds me of Rain’s genetic shit where you could spawn with certain genetic diseases. In other words, an idea that not only is really bad to begin with, but wastes game resources and in turn Nelson’s time as well.

Why do people want to eat food to get fat in a video game?

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It stays the same, or that’s how I’d like it

Probably yes

I don’t think the “being fat” thing should be viewed as stretching a 4:3 resolution on a 16:9 monitor you know what i mean? There shouldn’t be a “highly overweight” thing just a slight extension of the belly when you don’t do anything at all just sit in your base and do nothing, probably the same would happen with the stats, and you might not sit in base in 3 but who knows how hard the focus on bases will be in 4.x or UII.

That is absolutely not what i meant and I don’t like that idea too.

As i said previously it probably woulndn’t be eating especially in a Survival game.

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The getting fit mechanic is somewhat interesting, it could work. We still don’t know much about what the xp system will be like, but this could be a possibility. On the other hand, the getting fat mechanic seems like its another case of being realistic just to be realistic. I do understand that it will effect gameplay and how people act but I think having to worry about diet, on top of getting food in the first place, and making sure it’s not rotten is too much. Not to mention how cursed it would look to see the unturned model fat. Plus having a dynamically changing character model with how much you eat/exercise would be pretty challenging to develop.

Judging from all of the new materials and ideas that bases will employ, it is easy to see that bases will be a very big focus in UII, which makes it weird that you will be punished for doing something that directly helps you.

I know it would probably hard but I’m not talking about some drastic changes, and the “getting fat” mechanic Is also not really what I meant, what I was trying to say is “give visual cues on the stats of other players in little ways” and not just literally getting fat.

Stats should probably degrade over time if you don’t do anything. And It’s just a thing that could be added later in development or even after the game was released.

I’m really sorry that I did such a bad job at communicating what I meant and i really hope something like that won’t happen again.

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