Character texture size

Hi Hello , I am interested to know if the character of U2 gonna use textures of 128x128 I hope that will not be the case , I recommend Using 512x512 , Or you can also put 1024x1024 but that Will generate more lag for the players with a low end pc , 512x512 its great for texturing and get more detailed textures , even if the shirts , pants are using a 3d models there own textures chd be changed to 512x512 and not 1024x1024

most of games using 1024x1024 but that its only for : Realistic textures only

And sorry for my english !

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i think its going to be mostly 3d and pixelated.

hardly an upgrade

I think that low resolutions might work very well with the 3d models, since all the major detailing like hoods in hoodies and similar stuff will be done in 3d, there’s not much of a need for high quality textures. it’d be appreciated to have more detail, of course, but taking into account vehicles use a 1 color - 1 face method for texturing (like in 3.x) while adding modelled detail, clothes will probably have something along those lines, just to keep with the same artstyle

I guess it’s just personal preference but I love pixel art

Like skydragonfire said, most things seem like they are going to more modeled than they were previously, although things will likely be more vector graphics than pixel art (the faces for example are vectors now instead of pixels). However those changes were from a very early devlog, and since Nelson did redo all the models and clothes, it’s possible that there were changes from the latter style choices.

It can be rest assured that things will be much more detailed than they have been in the past, though.

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we can tell lmao
not gonna lie I love it aswell

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I hope nelson makes it a possibility to change the whole head/face with mods etc. I would make anime girl with skirt physics.


wait hold on just a second, what’s stopping you from doing that in 3.0 (minus the skirt physics)

I think he will use these 3 types of texture that will change according to the graphical settings of the player.

its already been done, in a weird way

How do I dislike a reply

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Why would you ever do that

consume less video memory mainly for people like me who share the ram with integrated video.

I plan to put 8gb soon UII will be very optimized so my current equipment should serve but the more RAM the better.

It should vary, I don’t want my brand new rtx2080ti sitting at 5% usage at ultra,

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