Charity skin?

I saw lots of charity skins in games such as PUBG, Dying Light. The main purpose of these skins is to collect money and donate to different charity organizations that are trying to help people with different problems connected with a natural disaster. So I think that unturned needs some sort of charity skin which will cost 1$ and all money from that skin is going to support fight against COVID-19.

skin from PUBG that was made to help maintain the situation with forest fires in Australia

this Vintage Gunslinger Bundle from Dying light was made to support COVID-19 relief efforts.


a zombie hat?

How about a face mask


Another beret.

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Or another shirt.

Face mask cosmetic, hand sanitizer glue blowtorch skin and a black shirt with a toilet paper image labelled $44.99 (or rags/bandage/dressing skin)


I’ll take your entire STOCK!

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They have to be really good so people buy them. But this would be goof for the people and also a good thing for Unturned to do

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Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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