Checking In

Alright everyone, I’m sure many of you can recognize that this is, in fact, an alt account of the legendary Communist, @RedCo.

I have not died, just on a vacation in China at the moment (Food is good, internet not so much). I shall return the day after Independence Day.

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering, “Why is Red on an alt account?” The answer in fact has to do with the workings of this website. It’s not https. Therefore, would it possible for the forum to be transferred over as an https site? @Reaver. Thanks in advance. Please consider, so I can post topics on my main in China…

(I’m beginning to have a great amount of sympathy for those on mobile, as I had to type all this on a tiny phone keyboard. Also, why is my Regular rank still on my main? That doesn’t feel quite right.)

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The site should already be built on HTTPS protocol, though.

China is so finicky with it’s Internet access.


To be exact, I’m getting “Unknown Error” every time I try to log in.

Oh, and @Reaver, I verified this account with something like Guerilla Mail, you might want to look into that to prevent people from spamming accounts.

Well, whoop-deee-doo, I really made myself look like an idiot, didn’t I?


I’ve been getting Unknown Error when I log in every now and then. I fixed it by adding https:// to the address.
I did this on my phone, PC, and laptop.

Yeah, happend to me once or twice. You could try fixing it by defaulting forum to https in htaccess if youre using apache @Reaver

I don’t have site administrative privileges.


Ah sorry to bother you then, assumed you’re the one responsible for the site.

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are you in china for negotiations with the Chinese Communists?

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No, I’m here for hot pot and my family recipe for dumplings.