Chef Zombie Plushie shipping information and CD keys

This is a reminder for those of you that purchased the limited-edition Chef Zombie Plush created in collaboration with Makeship. Remember to check your emails – most of you should have already begun receiving shipping information for tracking your order, and the CD key that can be redeemed for the in-game cosmetic item!

To redeem the CD key, open your Steam client. Click on the “Add a game” button at the bottom-left of the client, and select “Activate a Product on Steam…”. Type in your CD key, and redeem!

Please make sure that you are signed into the account you wish to redeem the CD key on!


omg hes so cute!!!


looks epic danny

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I love the Unturned chef zombie. Reminds me of warmer times. Warmer times that are long gone, in their place - a cold reminder of how things once were, a time where things seemed happier. Much like a zombie, that feeling is a cold husk of its former self forever roaming for its previous purpose, destined to rot away like it was always meant to. Do not cling onto that feeling, it died a long time ago. There are greener pastures if you simply open your eyes to the possibility that this is not your end.

chef zombie bodypillow next?


like if you get it…

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Apology accepted

Local Arby’s at 8? I’m buying

you cannot buy my affection, pork.

but I bought that plushie, for us.

I bought two of them and makeship only gave me one code…

The chef zombie got turned into a plushie.

Tried to buy one and payment was refused ):

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Ryoku plush when

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I was hoping it would be larger

This is me asking Nelson to make a comically larger “alternative” version for those unsatisfied with the original size.

I don’t like how it’s more textured than the unturned character. It’s like the potato PC we all have decided to focus only on the plushie and ignore everything else.

I haven’t gotten an email with a CD key as of yet, I’ve been waiting to see if it’ll come.

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