Chemical paradox

Hey Vsauce, jeff here.

If a poison expired, will it gets more poisonous or not? That’s an age old question. But today we’re going to talk about chemicals. More specifically, the Chemical paradox!

For starters, chemicals have their “quality” in-which it could be 100% to 1%. Now, we all know the magical number 34 63 47% in-which consumables with higher or that number, is safe to eat. Or drink.

So, what if that chemical has 1%? Will it dealt 200% minus immunity? or acts like a vaccine?


Experiment log

Here I have 4 bottles of chemicals, each with different qualities. Results are as following.

  • 100% = -100
  • 66% = -100
  • 26% = -100
  • 11% = -100

Now at that time I forgot to upgrade my immunity skills, so I tried again, this time with the skill.

Results are as following.

  • 100% = -50
  • 51% = -50
  • 16 = -50

So as you can see the chemical’s quality is basically useless. Why is this feature added? And more importantly. Why don’t we have qualities for medicines? Why?

Anyway, if your friends or your weird seductive cousin asked that very question, you’ll know exactly what to do…

Stay curious.


Meme aside it’s because Chemicals are counted as a drink. Drinks have quality, so Chemicals have quality.


Kinda funny how it doesn’t even work yet it still has the same percentage system.

It does, I think you’re just assuming it should restore immunity (or make skills less effective at nullifying Virus damage).

Using Dough would have been easier in testing this. Although Dough’s base Virus damage is only 5, I feel that I’ve included enough for you to still get a good idea on what’s going on here.

  • 100% = -5 Immunity
  • 58% = -5 Immunity
  • 47% = -5 Immunity
  • 37% = -6 Immunity
  • 9% = -9 Immunity

Honestly, an option for specific items to have quality disabled would make sense, as quality wasn’t really intended to be on chemicals to begin with, but yeah.

How bout we try it out
I’ll see you guys in 2 hours

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