Chests from Unturned 2

I think that the chests from Unturned 2.0 should be added into 4.x. I know that lockers have basically replaced chests, but maybe inbetween lockers and wardrobes. Also could we bring back the Lever Action shotgun and Barricaded House in Montague on PEI 2.0?

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Why does this exist?

it may be a suggestion for 4.0

Chests being inbetween wardrobes and lockers in terms of usefulness sounds good though. Half the size of a wardrobe for a bit less storage and being slightly more expensive maybe? Lever Action would be nice too since hopefully the ammo system will be fixed up.

As for barricaded houses, I don’t think they should be limited to P.E.I. They’d be a good way to get modestly higher grade loot at the cost of some resources and potentially some noise. Like maybe sometimes the armory door in a police station is locked, requiring you to use a charge or something similar to get whatever is behind it.

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Going off Unturned 3’s storage sizes, there is zero in-between to squeeze into. There’d need to be some sort discussion about the tiers of storage in 4.x beforehand, since…

…just sounds like a worse version of a Locker or Crate.

It’s a bit confusing in general at the moment, with the multiple wood tiers and the fact that wardrobes can be upgrades only to certain previous storage tiers depending on its material tier. :confused:

If code locks aren’t a thing, nor are wood tiers, possibly…

  • Wooden Crate (small storage and unlocked) -> Wooden Chest (large storage and locked) and Wooden Wardrobe (larger storage but unlocked) -> Metal Locker (larger storage and locked) -> Metal Wardrobe (largest storage and locked)

If code locks are a thing, maybe…

  • Small Wooden Box “Crate” -> Large Wooden Box “Chest” -> Metal Footlocker “Locker” -> Storage Locker “Metal Wardrobe” ???

Or just assume all of the current item storages are added, but crates are nerfed a ton.

I dunno, I was thinking that it could take up less space but would be able to hold more in a small area than the bigger storages.

Balancing stuff for 4.0 is weird because we don’t know exactly how everything works yet. :dizzy_face:

Because I just miss the chests from 2.0 and barricaded house.

Maybe barricaded areas in, say the Russia map and maybe in the deadzone? Washington’s barricaded area could be at that tower in Seattle so you can enter it. Not sure about Yukon, Hawaii and Germany though because I do not play those maps.

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