Chromatic Aberration Suggestion

I doubt this has been suggested, but recently I’ve noticed how much chromatic aberration there is in both my widescreen and regular resolution. So my recommendation is that there could be a scale for how much aberration there is or different settings for it. I like the idea as long as it is subtle, but it’s either increased or I’m remembering wrong.

Like it’s not subtle at all.

(also 2560x1080 doesn’t reach both sides of the resolution for some reason, not sure why. and yes activate windows)


Also featured workshop and the update notes aren’t hidden when you turn the HUD off in the main menu. (Not sure if this was intentional just something I noticed)

Chromatic aberration was recently improved to look somewhat acceptable, and the changes are most notable in third-person where (imho) it helps to nerf third-person slightly. If intentional, it's probable that it wouldn't get a slider.

activate windows


you should activate your windows


but people can just turn it off so does it really nerf it? If people want their game to look better should they be almost punished with a third-person nerf? Doesn’t make much sense.

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Should people not enable grass either then?

  • Both definitely nerf the player if used, and we can say both are justified in doing so. Not because people who can run higher settings deserve a nerf, but because the player character’s point and click skill does (nerfed via grass), and because third-person does (nerfed via chromatic aberration).

  • If you play with higher game settings, you will always have benefits and drawbacks for doing so. Grass, material blending, and chromatic aberration have drawbacks. Scope and water quality, effect duration, and blast marks have benefits.

Personally, I find Chromatic Aberration ugly, so I don’t enable it. I do, however, find High/Ultra grass appealing, so I play with that whenever it’s not inconvenient (basically: whenever I’m not taking screenshots of things).

I’m not the developer though, so I don’t know the full intentions behind its rework. :man_shrugging: It’s likely not intended though, and just from the fact that the camera moves farther back. The drawback is just a consequence of that.

It may have got messed up while rewriting the postprocessing stuff - I’m surprised there aren’t more bugs actually. Will add to the list!


actually chromatic variation acts as your periferal vision (don’t know the spelling). I think it is easier to spot people with it on, but that’s just my opinion. (Also I would actually like to see this for 3rd person in 4.0).

It does not act as your peripheral vision.

If it was, then turning chromatic aberration off would magically shrink the width of my screen by about 20%, but obviously turning it off just improves your vision.

What I mean is that (in my opinion) it is easier to see people walking around on the side of your screen.


It doesn’t deal with peripheral vision. All the setting does is replicate real-life chromatic aberration, which occurs in really rubbish cameras do to the inability to focus. In-game it ends up blurring the sides of your screen, and things farther away. Basically most things get blurred tbh, especially in third-person.

A similar thing goes for film grain, and Battlefield 4’s eyeball lens flares and lens dirt effects: it just replicates cameras. Except, in real-life, that film grain is becoming less and less of a thing.