Cinematic Tutorial Idea

So me and my brothers were talking last night about how cool it would be to see some type of cinematic, campaign-like tutorial for UII telling some lore and story for the game along the way. I’d love to see it handled a lot darker than 3.x’s rather silly style to set the mood for UII’s darker theme.

Something like, your character wakes up and getting ready for work. It shows you how to pick up items by telling you to pick up your car keys, then shows how to equip clothing by making you take your coat, then says to get a snack before driving to the office and shows you how to eat food.

Then you get in your car and shows you basic driving controls, and with UII’s new driving stuff would also show how to turn on the engine and how to roll down the windows.

You drive along the road when you come to some green-skinned person standing in the middle of the road. You get out of the car and walk closer and it turns to show it’s a zombie. Then you get into combat with it and it tells you basic combat controls (Maybe by finding a pipe lying on the ground or something.)

You get back into your car and drive to the nearest city to see it overrun with zombies. A group of them come by and climb onto your car trying to get inside, when a group of two survivors come by and help ward them off and you join them.

Then you run through the city and at one point go through a building. One of the survivors hand you a pistol and you look back and start firing to keep the zombies away, thus learning gunfighting controls and how to reload and stuff.

Eventually you get to the outskirts and some completely unrelated guy rolls up in a car and tells you all to get in, so everyone climbs in with him driving and you in the passenger seat.

You’re all driving down an empty country road cheering about how you’re not dead. You look over to the driver smiling when he sets his eyes on something in front of you and slams the brakes.

You look out to see a group of three bandits with their guns raised ordering you to get out. You all get out of the car and they have you lined up to rob, and one points a gun at you when a chunk of concrete comes out of nowhere and crushes him, launched from a hulk behind them.

Both the bandits turn and start shooting. The hulk keeps walking unfazed and swats one away with such force he hits a tree and dies. The other he grabs and throws yards away.

You look back to see your group abandon you and run for their lives. The hulk picks up your car and throws it at them and kills them all. Then he looks down at you.

Then maybe a bunch of Turned animals come out of the bushes and clamber all over him biting and scratching him while he tries to pull them off. While that’s happening you hear a noise behind you and look back to see a giant Turned. He openes his mouth far wider that humanely possible and lets out a mind-numbing scream, and then the screen goes black.

Idk we came up with this at 11PM and thought it sounded cool. :man_shrugging:

I really like the idea of having a really dark opening with everybody dieing or succumbing to the Turned and the new world. Even a hulk, the most fearsome of foes is 3.x.


I don’t think a dark opening would suit unturned. Unturned just isn’t a dark game.

Isn’t UII supposed to be, like, way darker?

Idk, i like the idea of having these stupid blocky characters in a rather serious and dark world.




Well crap, i searched for forever and couldn’t find anything.

I only see one, that third one looks more like immersion stuff.

Cool idea, i like the start but but I think it should be like walking dead, expect you get into a car accident and survive, then. In the hospital you fight one zombie after the whole virus has already overrun everything to teach you basic combat.

Uh, we shouldn’t completely rip off TWD. The apocalypse is already happening, there is nobody there to take you to the hospital. Unless you mean before hand, which is even further ripping TWD.


I really like the whole “story tutorial” that u thought up. I think that whole thing would make a very good tutorial. Also, if Nelson does put an actual campaign in UII, it could make a good Campaign Preview/Demo.

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