Claiming someone elses base with a claim flag?

And what exactly did he want to determine decay? That’s right, claim flags! So that’d make decay useless at clearing away empty raided bases with someone else’s claim flag there.

Unless it’s metal, I don’t see the point when you could build a bigger base in the time it’d take for you to get enough materials to retake your old base, and even then the cost of repairing and refurnishing it might not even be worth it in the end.


yeah but he wants us to put the materials that our base is made of into the claim flag. and it would probably have limited storage in it so if you dont have access to the inside, your base would decay in less than 2 irl days

if it in a really really good spot (where i can see a big city from it to roof camp with a sniper or if its near a place with good loot like that place with drones) i would probably try to claim that base back.

Its easily exploitable, the current unturned system is pretty great in my opinion, however this idea is pretty cool, but i think it should be implemented along with the base decay feature and once a certain amount of decay is attained anyone should be able to salvage it.

as the other users said its just too easy to exploit, we need a better idea to implement claiming someone else’s base.


I like the general idea, but I don’t think it should be a thing in Unturned.

yeah as long as theres a way to claim someones raided base, im happy

The absurdity of this thread…

When my base is large or group size and place 10 overlapping Claim Flags…

Good luck destroying 10 different Metal Walls and see if you can find them all. Who would use Raiding Gear on 10+ walls? Lockers anyone?

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then nelson can add higher quality claim flags that have increased claim radius

Stop :stop_sign:

Stop :stop_sign:

Stop :stop_sign:… with reverse thrusters…

Bigger radius… less space for others to build bases…

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thats a good thing. prevents people from their base 3 feet away from your base.

It should be noted that’s the purpose of a normal-sized claim flag; you suggested bigger claim flags.

neither do i want them to build 30 feet away from my base. they should have to build a little far away.

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