Climbing mechanics

Some suggestions below are already planned, but they serve as a basis.

-Being able to cling to edges.
-Being able to cling to ledges while in the air, like jumping from one building to the next, depending on your skills, a jump with a very strong impact can break bones.
-Up and down using ropes.
-Climbing equipment helps to climb mountains
-Climb trees.
-Hanging for a long time consumes histamine.
-A Batman-style climbing hook?
-Skip fences and small walls in that style, you know? supporting the hand and throwing the body over, I will put an illustrative image.


If you have another suggestion please share in the comments.


Sounds pretty epic


Its nice but i hope so not be op like dropshoting or bunnyhoping in U3 well it doesnt makes sense i gonna try explain that. Those tactics of combat are fast 1sc you need to get on the ground and jumping its just crazy really fast? I mean by that it shouldnt be fast movement to be honest idk hows gonna work in UII with this climbing. There just small details about this feature

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Sounds cool !

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I think this type of movement would be quite good, as the new cities will probably have more complex buildings, so this type of action would be very useful to be able to flee or move quickly.
However, its correct balance so that it is not something broken, would be that they are slow actions, that if someone catches you in the middle of a climb to a wall. Be the end of you.
They could also be cancelable if you back off in time. In fact there could also be a type of zombie capable of climbing in this same way.

This would be a challenge for the player.
I hope u like it :smiley:


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