Climbing Trees

Hey I recently found out a month ago, that you can sprint then prone to a tree, and if your lucky, you can slowly slide up as you are pronning up. I am very Hit of this because if anyone had really good gear and someone wearing a gillie snipes you from a tree, that would make me a bit angry


recategorized to #unturned:u3-discussion since afaik there are no trees in UII

do you have to press w to go up the tree still? or no.

This is the only way I know how to tree climb.


Yeah it’s pretty epic

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I found this glitch too like last year. The cause of this is the tilted hitbox of the tree. It has been fun confusing other players with this.

You can also climb by walking, running, crawling, or being prone

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yeah it’s quite fun to abuse on the arena servers it was good old times

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not that fun as abusing sky bases in creative arenas

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In Unturned you can walk up pretty much any wall that isn’t 90 degrees


So u wanna learn guerrilla warfare huh

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