Clothes suggestions for 4.0

new categories of clothing:

  • knee protection
  • protector elbow
  • holster
  • watch
  • scabbard for katana or knife
  • neck protector
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a holster would be something awesome, pressing a hotkey will immediately take out the pistol in the holster slot. Kind of like a third weapon slot, so you could have a rifle in primary, melee in secondary and a pistol in holster. Same thing with scabbards!

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The holsters sound pretty cool but I wonder what the knee protection would look like.

I think there’s should be an item that like a mafia vest or something like that which should have secret pockets. Secret pockets would do a simple thin the guy that picked up the cloth in the name there would be an update and in the item name would be added the players name .when someone was getting the item couldn’t access the secret inventory space only the first person could acces it and change the vest back to neutral so the guy that picks it up can now see the secret inventory space also groups and teams should be able to see the pockets if they were part of the sne team with the guy that pick it up. The items would be inside the item with that when you killed a guy with one you wouldn’t rake the items from the sp(secret pockets)
I think that this item should be salvageable only by the person who picked it up or it could be salvage by anyone and the items dissapear or getting also the items from the salvage items inside the sp

I don’t know if this is possible but I think that this would be a very cool aspect you got the idea

I’m not sure how useful a secret pocket would be in a survival game. But what do I know? :wink:

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