Clothing attachments and stuff like that

Im going to try to keep this simple and short

I personally Think that it would be nice to have “attachments” to clothes too and upgrades, for example to an helmet an flashlight, goggles, facemask, headsets. your hoodie some hidden pockets or something like that.

The upgrades could have different kinds of pros and cons and should be made so that you can bouild your favorite clothes to match your playstyle the best and so on.


some of my ideas and opinions.

  • all attachments shouldnt be compatable with Everything (obvi) - you could for example ducktape an flahlight to your motorcykle helmet but you couldnt do that to an vest but then again you could ducktape an …
    flashlight to an vest …
  • upgrades do shet and look different on the thing it is equiped to also - you can make more peronalized clothes and shet like that.
  • different types of headsets, there could be the soundcovering shets
    then the military ones that silence the bad sound and improve the good sound (makes the loudsounds like gunshots more silent and sounds like steps on glass louder so that you know better where people are)
    then the ones that you can play music on just for fun and to make yourself deaf - the musicheadset (also the ones I would use)

and rn my brain has run out of ideas… it forgot Everything…

plz tell me your thoughts and ideas of attachments too :smiley:


I imagine attaching several metal plates to a poncho or a sweatervest, to improve their level of protection, and perhaps slightly lessen the agility of the player.

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Reminds me of that shoot out at a bank of America in California where one suspect put a metal plate behind his level 3 Kevlar armor that could stop pistol shoots. Patrol police only had pistols. After that shooting police were given patrol rifles. And that’s what I think started those pussies that think the police are too over militarized.

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I’d like for this to only really be a thing with dedicated plate carriers.

Alternatively, you could crudely find a way to sew metal plating into clothing I suppose, but it would have to severely encumber you compared to a proper plate carrier.


I did not know this story, now, what is Level 3 Kevlar Armor?

Thinking better, instead of metal plates, we can sew leather, which would also increase the level of protection, when compared to the ponchos and sweatervests.

Maybe sheet metal could stuffed into plate carriers or affixed to other clothing to provide limited protection, but more protective armor plates and kevlar inserts would only be compatible with plate carriers.


Probably Kevlar armor that is rated Type III or Type IIIA according to the NIJ standards for ballistic armor.

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I always thought it was only limited to the military :thinking:

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