Clothing Dislocation

Odd clothing dislocation bug when you open the inventory while moving.
Watch the charactor preview window in the inventory in the video.


I’ve seen this reported or mentioned a few times now, but I’ve always been unable to replicate the issue (just recreated it). This leads to me believe that there’s steps missing from recreating the issue.

@Justin Are you running on minimal graphical settings, such as Shadow set to Low? After some tinkering, I believe the issue is tied to running that setting on Low.

EDIT: Opened a GitHub issue based on my current understanding of the bug.

I was running the game with everyone on low at the time, Anti-Ailising was on maximum though.

it do be like dat

I had this issue at max graphics. I used to replicate it by putting clothing on in first person, but it would fix of i went third person. It the went away, and i havent got it since.

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