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Something I would like to make clear is that I don’t like the way that clothing looks like as an item you find in 2.x/3.x, with that being said, I would hope that 4.x treats clothing differently, as it’s no longer a texture on the character, but a 3D model. Why don’t we do that to clothing in 4.x as an item you find?

The way clothing is in 2.x and 3.x is that it’s a still item that shows you what it is clearly, a shirt is clearly a shirt because you can see its sleeves extended outwords, pants are clearly pants because you can clearly see their shape, etc. Now what bugs me about this is that clothing isn’t really appealing like this, why couldn’t clothing look more neat and folded? I mocked up what this would look like in blender really quickly using the clothing in the 4.0 development videos. (Please keep in mind that I did do this quickly, just to show a very bare bones concept).
Clothing test
Or, for those of you that think this would take away from the messy, apocalyptic feel of Unturned, maybe add ragdoll physics to clothing so they aren’t that neat?

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i agree

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