Clothing materials and attachments

you take your favourite blue parka and think what if I could research it into blueprint(clothing tag) that can be one time use/multi time use/one use and leared forever or traded for something.
and if you keeped the scheme you can make different versions of it with something more durable like thick fabric, kevlar, hardened skin, human/zombie skin… etc.
example: Evil islands
and so you could make leather military top, thick fabric parka, kevlar cap, zombie skin hoodie, wooden boots…

also why not make clothing be able to accept attachments simular to guns
leather,cloth… padding for additonal overall defence and bite,slash,blunt… damage resistance
kevlar,metal… platings for additonal overall defence and bullet,explosives… resistance
pouches to make more storage
ghillie attachment
zombie skin attachment for masking your presence better
spikes attachment to deal damage to melee opponent


I like The Walking Dead tbh, but if that’s a thing, there should be a big downside on using it, like it rotting your clothes, accelerating its deterioration unless wearing plastic covers, and/or making it non-waterproof, so it worns off during rain or if in much contact with water (see TWD Season 1).

This is a pretty interesting post wither way, since I think that clothworking in general needs a good rework too. I was actually about making a in-depth post for it, since I’ve been thinking on a shit-ton of ideas for it (like I always do with almost every topic, lmao).

Also, anything you create through cloth and leatherworking must have the makeshift label on it, since it’s quality should never be superior than industrial-made products.

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Just don’t add “Leather armor” please, that’s just a bunch of bullshit that hurts me every time I see someone mention it. It never existed, ever.

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most protectve attachcaments will have a disadvantage of increased weight
additional pouches would decrease your speed due to inceased volume of shirt/pants
zombie would increase damage to your immunity and percentage to get sick

maybe not only cloth and leatherworking but with every material since you just destroyed your factory made parka by researching it for a blueprint
or getting highest posiible skill in crafting/tailoring will let you to make factory like examples

I can assure you, there was atleast one time when a biker’s leather jacket protected him from being stabbed with a broken bottle.

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Leather was the very first material with which civilizations from all over globe have created their very first armor types throughout history, and it even was still used as complement for pretty long time when metalworking came to existence.

Also, in Unturned 3.x there’s a leather top and leather bottom. If those are brought to Unturned II, these should look a bit less polished IMO.

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Where do you get that information? Leather from before the bronze age certainly hasn’t been well preserved. There’s quite a leap of logic between “a civilization has smelted metal and held it together with leather”, and “a civilization must have originally used only leather to do the same thing.” What primary sources mention leather armor? What properties does tanning a hide give it that would make it any better for armor?

Middle-soputhern african tribes relied mostly on leather, since their metalwork was always limited to weaponry, even at the times of european colonizations all over the continent. Japanese samurai armor used leather as base, on which there were the small metal plates inserted. In the Middle East, armor from some cultures also used leather, then added metal chainmail or scales over it. Even some of the well known medieval heavy plate armors had leather beneath some pieces; ALL of this in order to not make armors uncomfortable and to not mess mobility that much up.

Do the research yourself.

For applications in Unturned II, I guess it should be mainly for creating holsters, belts, pouches and anything related instead.

*Mostly on hide, (some of it tanned, some of it not.)

Arming doublets were primarily composed of cloth, not leather, because once a hide is tanned, it becomes stiff. Any piece of leather thick enough to reliably protect against sharp steel is less flexible than proper articulated plates.

I don’t see why leather couldn’t be used to make clothing or stuffed into a plate carrier. Just because something has down sides and wasn’t used as prevalently on battlefields a thousand years ago as Hollywood likes to imagine, doesn’t mean players shouldn’t be able to find or make it. Leather jackets may not protect against medieval polearms, but they certainly aren’t nonexistent.

I didn’t say it couldn’t, I said that it may be used for mostly easier purposes as I’ve mentioned before, because maybe leatherworking won’t go as deep as other activities, or idk.

Gambeson. Look it up.

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I really don’t like the skin ideas, that’s a bit bizarre, but I see what you mean. To make this effective I think that maybe an actual parka would hold more than a makeshift parka.

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For making different versions of clothing, it would make more sense to use different materials than to copy Rust’s blueprint system.

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