Clothing saturation

Since 4.x is emphasised on the whole idea of survival, clothing should have a more dynamic mechanic where there are various factors that would affect its functionality; clothing should be able to absorb water. Different clothes will have different attributes to how much the clothes will be saturated. For example: say if you have a coat specifically designed for rain, it will be less saturated than say a hoodie. Layering clothes will also affect how wet you will be. If you have a lot of layers on like an overcoat, t-shirt, hat and pants, the less wet the player will get. The amount of water absorbed by the clothes will also affect the weight of it.

However, for this feature to affect your survivability, there has to be an emphasis on illness. Depending on how wet the player is, the higher chance they will get some sort of illness. This will also benefit a resistance skill attribute as getting too wet may cause major disadvantages when playing. Being ill could affect the player by slowing down their reload speed and how stable they are able to aim. This enables a bit more complexity when choosing which clothes to wear. It could also be a major factor on deciding when to leave shelter or when to make a quick shelter if it suddenly rains.

Or, we could take a Rust approach and make hypothermia a real threat.

With clothing soaking up water in a real survival situation, the main danger is losing body heat and succumbing to the ambient cold.


Unturned 4 will be survival-focused, but things like this are purely unnecessary. As its said: Fun over Realism. Not sure about others, but I don’t want a game as complex as my maths book.
You’re suggesting 1 SINGLE FEATURE that would affect your health (“illness”), stability (“how stable they are able to aim”), movement speed (“slowing down their reload speed”) and unspecified thing…? (“major disadvantages when playing”).

Why would you want complexity when choosing which clothes to wear? Don’t you have more important stuff to think about?

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Well looks like you don’t understand the basics of “survival” Think about this; Unturned as a whole was supposed to be a survival game but 3.x has lost this factor to it so nelson wants 4.x to focus more on survival. By adding this aspect into the game, it will require more thought when playing the game in terms of survivability because it won’t just be the case of picking up clothes for cosmetics and inventory space. It’s more meaningful when choosing which clothing to use to prevent illness. You may say “if illness affects how stable you aim or slow down your reload speed, it will be disadvantageous to other players that are not suffering from illness”; eventhough this may be true, it is a survival game after all. Ever heard of Survival of the fittest? - you have to make the right decision and use everything to your advantage to reach the top of the food chain. Having this function would certainly add a survival functionality into the game as it would require more thought and effort to prevent any illness. And plus nelson has already stated in his wishlist that he wants to have weight on items, which affect movement and stamina; isn’t this “unnecessary” aswell?

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