Clouds/Sky in Unturned II

Hello, yellow dear marshmallows!

I have an important idea for background (sky and clouds) for Unturned II. Many of people don’t want clouds like Unturned 3.0 style again. We want something like minecraft Unturned shaders clouds or something like GTA V ones. You know… which are looking more realistic, not that comic.



I would definitely want to see volumetric clouds in U II

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what do you think about cloud generation as in Unturned 3.0, but much better?

less clouds more clout

3.0 clouds are absolutely horrendous (in my opinion) but I don’t think the GTA V or Minecraft shader sky would work well either. I think Nelson ought to find a middle ground.

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If they will be more cloudy than white rocky obcjets - it can be good option.


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