Co-op Map Editor

How about adding a cooperative map editor so that you don’t have to transfer files to each other, but just do the work together with your friends? This would be a good and convenient feature for developing maps because you don’t always want to make a map alone, since it is a very long and difficult process and when you have a couple of friends in stock, this long process can be shortened several times.


I always wanted to get like a hundred people into a co-op map editor and do our best to recreate Russia in 24 hours.


love this idea, it would absolutely release some of the workload on maps

There will be no editor, like at all, map creation will be in the engine itself on a plugin.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I missed too much in all these months

Perhaps you are mistaken, this will be in the game itself, on the board in Trello there is an editor’s item. I’m not sure if it’s going to be like you said.

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Thank you, kind man

That’d be neat, yes. I am pretty sure UE could properly do that, but to what extent Nelson will implement it I dunno.

this is a feature i have craved ever since the first mention of it in like 2016 on the 3.0 trello. its addition would make me very happy, so happy in fact that i would jump up and down with a large grin on my face as the last grains of misery desperately escape my mind


Until Nelson manages to corrupt your MP save data. Because updates.

I wrote to Nelson’s mail, and this is what he said: “I agree that would be a nice feature. It would be a very complicated addition however. Further down the line in Unturned II, there are plugins for cooperative editing in the Unreal editor that might work for such a thing.

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I am aware that it won’t be easy and thus will probably not be a launch feature. But technically nothing is keeping you from hobbling something together using the existing U editor.

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