Coalition's leaked next plan's presentation

The projector is actually decent, it’s the fact that it’s sitting like 2 meters away from the wall.

Wait that actually is a bad projector

the shittiest of projectors, lets be blunt here


Well, your hair disappears when you wear a hat, so probably he is a “she.”

Molton is referring to the fact that Captain Sydney’s head is put onto what appears to be a man’s body.

We already know Captain Sydney is a female.

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And that’s exactly what i mean. Captain sydney’s head is put onto a girl’s body because


I think you’re purposefully misreading stuff at this point.



Not to mention

but that’s besides the point

Ah. Should’ve seen the original photo first. I tried to make a joke myself.
Edit: And no, I didn’t misread it.

Man goddangit. Fine, I’ll prove you nuts that captain sydney is a mAn

I cant tell if you think sydney is a boy or if your proving someone wrong.

Huehuehue. Wait till I reach the litberator. Boi.

Captain Sydney is a man?

What if Cloning Nolsen brings us closer to finding a cure to this terrible meme section

how to prevent bad memes from being seen:

step 1: dont bloody respond to them, responding bumps them back up to the front page


No U.
(10 character limit = Hella gae)

I was about to comment that.

Well, nobody got my joke.

I know what is it, It’s mans not Thot References.

I was saying that you can’t tell the difference between male and female characters in 3.0 if they wear a hat.

Obviously, nobody got, and i didn’t explain it.

Even with a hat on there’s still face styles that imply a feminine style (e.g. exaggerated eyebrows)